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This is my law page Welcome to my law page
Your Starting Point for Legal Information on the Net
First here is a small intro. to the Israel goverment and law system
Some of the largest Israeli law firms
American law
Public International law - "TARGIL" #2 - The Treaties


The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library - Treaties and international law
A huge collection of international treaties by alpha-bet.
World Trade Agreement (establishing the WTO and including GATT 1994).
2. Nafta
List of NAFTA sites around the world.
3. EU Official Texts
E.U. Official texts, Treaty of Rome, White paper etc...
4. Treaty of Rome (as Amended by Maastricht)
Access the different parts of the treaty of Rome as Amended by the Maastricht treaty.
5. Maastrich Treaty
Access the different parts of the Maastricht Treaty.
6. Europa Home page
Welcome to EUROPA, a WWW-server offering information on the European Union's goals and policies. EUROPA is a common endeavour of the EU's institutions, run by the European Commission.
7. Misc. Treaties
A site with interesting multilateral Treaties (just press A. Index for the list of conventions).
8. Fletcher school of law and diplomacy
The multilateral project (search treaties according to their subject).
9. Another source of International Treaties

Other Law sites
Public International Law
These Law Pages assemble a collection of WWW links with references to International Law topics. The aim is to present as many major sources of Law resources of relevance on the Web as possible. There is also a presentation of events of current interest.
International Trade Law Project

Trade Law Library, Internet Sites for Law, Commerce, Finance and Economics
The Trade Zone
Welcome to the Trade Zone. Global Trade is the focus of the links on this page. They are posted here to assist individuals and businesses in their activities involving International Trade.
Yahoo - List of law sites according to subject

Search Law sites in the very powerfull and popular yahoo server.
Business And The Law in the states
Welcome to Business & The Law, the home page of Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren, Norris & Rieselbach, s.c., a law firm headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with offices in Milwaukee, WI, Madison, WI, Denver, CO, and Washington D.C.
World constitutions (gopher)
6. U.S. Supreme court decisions
Search and get full texts of the desicions of the U.S. SUPREME COURT from 1990-1996
7. Middle east Business Report
Middle East business report (just check it out!)

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