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From the best kids' pages and world's film festivals to UFOs and virtual psychics, A2Z has it. ACCUFIND The AccuFind JavaScript search engine puts new power into your Netscape browser. AccuFind brings together the best of many resources to automatically search infobases, news, books, and the Internet. AIRS II Crawl the Web with powerful yet easy Boolean and fuzzy queries. AIRS II's full-text search services have been used by huge corporations, and now you can use those same services to find exactly what you are seeking. ALTAVISTA Offering compact or detailed searches through what the company claims is the largest Web index, Digital Equipment Corporation's AltaVista can help you find your way through the 8 billion words filling 30 million Web pages. It also provides a full-text index of more than 13,000 newsgroups. AMAZING ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION WEBDIRECTORY The categories in this Web directory cover topics such as animal rights, solar energy, and sustainable development. ARGUS/UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLEARINGHOUSE The Clearinghouse has provided access to topical guides to the Internet's information since 1993. Hundreds of topics, from artificial intelligence to zoology, are available. Searchable and browsable, the Clearinghouse also includes guide ratings. C|NET'S SHAREWARE.COM c|net's makes it simple to find software on the Internet. More than 170,000 files are available for easy searching, browsing, and downloading from shareware and corporate archives on the Internet. According to Newsweek, " does for software what Yahoo did for finding Web sites." DEJA NEWS Deja News searches Usenet newsgroups and finds the topic you're interested in by a weighted search criteria that sorts information based on the number of occurrences of the word you've entered. ELECTRIC LIBRARY Rather than searching the Web, check out the Electric Library's contents. Launch comprehensive searches across this extensive database of more than 1000 full-text newspapers, magazines, and academic journals; images; reference books; literature; and art. EXCITE Can't describe exactly what you're looking for? Excite's unique concept-based navigation technology may help you find it anyway. Excite's Web index is deep, broad, and current: It covers the full text of 11.5 million pages and is updated weekly. Excite's team of expert journalists offer reviews of 55,000 sites, Usenet newsgroups, hourly news, commentary, and the Web's first interactive cartoon. GAMELAN EarthWeb's Gamelan: The Directory for the Java Community is the most comprehensive database of Java resources on the Internet. Featuring EarthWeb Chat, Gamelan serves as a meeting place for developers and others interested in exploring the power of the Java programming language. GNN SELECT The intelligent guide to the Net: GNN's savviest surfers choose and review the Internet's best sites and programs, from activism and adventure travel to women's studies and 'zines. G.O.D. The Global Online Directory searches using a unique global filter and provides categorized site listings, free online classified ads, and the opportunity to add your own site instantly. HOMESCOUT Looking for a place to live? HomeScout acts as a central listing of real estate Web sites. HOTBOT HotBot is your personal robot for searching the Web. HotWired and Inktomi bring you this search engine capable of indexing the entire World Wide Web every week. HotBot's next-generation interface lets you search on Java, VRML, and Netscape plug-ins, and lets you limit searches by date, domain, or continent. IBM INFOMARKET IBM infoMarket allows serious users to search Web and commercial resources simultaneously, including 66 news wires, 300 newspapers, 770 newsletters, 6300 journals, and 11 million companies. Information can be purchased on a per-document basis using IBM's Cryptolope technology, enabling users to buy and sell content securely over the Internet. INFOSEEK GUIDE Rated the number-one search service by PC Computing, Infoseek Guide helps you find what you're looking for on the Net, for free. With each search you get the most relevant matches; related topics to explore; and timely news and views from popular magazines, TV networks, and the best online experts. Infoseek Guide also makes it easy to find email addresses, stock quotes, company profiles, and more. LYCOS This comprehensive Internet catalog finds what you need in seconds, including text, graphics, sounds, and videos. PC World recently rated Lycos best of the top 11 Internet search engines in both quality of information and relevancy of results. MAGELLAN Magellan has seen it all on the Web so you don't have to. This Internet guide manages the absurdity of searching billions of words. NERD WORLD MEDIA INTERNET SUBJECT INDEX Search thousands of categories for the exact Web site or newsgroup you're looking for. Check out the Make Your Own Index feature and the pop-up search page. 100HOT WEBSITES 100hot lists the most popular sites every week. Find the hottest Web sites in the hottest categories: live events, technology, models, celebrities, humor, and showbiz. 100hot is like a best-seller list for Web sites. OPEN TEXT INDEX The Open Text Index searches every word of every Web page the company has indexed - some 21 billion words and phrases in all. The company claims it's one of the largest indexes available. Pose queries of virtually any length, or focus in by searching only titles or links. POINT Search an extensive database of rated and reviewed Web sites and check out Point's cream of the cybercrop - sites their editors place in the top 5 percent. Plus, Point offers a weekly Top Ten list and international news headlines. THE SOFTWARE SHARING RESOURCE LIBRARY This resource sponsors a special program to find and reward Web sites that offer free software or shareware, resulting in a database of PC and Unix tools, as well as a general index of Web sites. STARTING POINT Use Starting Point to browse the Web, in categories such as news, business, sports, and entertainment. Check out their hot site of the day. WEBCRAWLER This popular site offers a speedy Web search engine and a random-links feature to find new and unusual sites. It also features a list of the 25 most visited sites on the Web. W3 SERVERS This directory at the World Wide Web Consortium lists registered Web servers around the world. WHAT'S NEW A list of the best new sites on the Web, updated daily. WHOWHERE? Fast, easy to use, and free, WhoWhere? is a comprehensive white pages service for locating people and organizations on the Net. It intuitively handles misspelled or incomplete names, and lets you search by initials. YAHOO! Arguably the pioneer Internet guide, Yahoo! has been organizing Web content since what seems like the beginning of it all. Updated daily, Yahoo! allows users to both browse and search subject categories. In addition to using the search functions, check out up-to-the-minute sports scores, weather, headlines, and stock quotes. Destinations Home What's New Finance Entertainment Net Search What's Cool Hardware and Software Marketplace People General News Sports Yellow Pages Technology News Travel Corporate Sales: 415/528-2555; Personal Sales: 415/528-3777 If you have any questions, please visit Customer Service. Copyright 1996 Netscape Communications Corporation
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